The Goldfish and Dog Theory 

When we say people care less than dogs and goldfish centers around the fact that the average attention span of a consumer is only about five seconds long. Meanwhile, the average attention span of a goldfish is seven seconds, while for dogs; it is twenty-seven seconds.  

This makes it an official statement that people actually care lesser than a goldfish or a dog. Currently, we have just five seconds to hook the audience before they walk away like the dog or swim away like the fish.  Visual communication finds its way to our brain in about 1/10 of a second, which is sixty times faster as mentioned above.


What Is Visual Communication?

Basically, Visual communication is a graphical representation of information that effectively and efficiently aims to create meaning.  In simpler terms, visual communication centers around allowing visuals to interpret or tell a story. This means that whatever content piece you merge together is actually something that will be told via the design. 





Identifying Visual Communication

There is no clear means as to how to identify visual communication because it is all around us, we see it in our everyday lives. For example; in ancient times, they made use of cave paintings on their walls as the first style of visual communication. 




Who Needs Visual Communication? 

The concept of visual communication is not left for marketers alone. While you may think only in the line of sales or leadership content, visual communication is actually what everyone on earth is looking forward to.  


How Visual Communication Helps Business

  • It’s clear and easy
  • Viewers can recall visual information quickly
  • Its more engaging than text-heavy materials
  • It can drive at swift conclusions
  • It aids in data visualization


Different Types of Visual Communication

1.Objects:Objects are a really useful visual aid to help represent an abstract concept. When you’re presenting or working with someone one-on-one, objects can be a great way to communicate a point and make it stick.

2.Graphs and Charts:This is a vital visual aid when it shows the relationship between two quantities that are different. Graphs are of diverse types which includes; bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs.

pie charts types of graphs and charts


3.Maps:Maps have become an increasingly more popular way of visually communicating information.


4.Models:These are representations of the objects the speaker is addressing. They represent the object on a much smaller scale especially for object that are too large or largely immobile.

5.Photographs: photograpgs are worth more than a thousand words for content marketers. They’re eye-candy that draws readers in.


Visual Story Telling 

In the visual communication universe, there are diverse products of design that people majorly focus on. One of these products is known as visual storytelling.   Visual storytelling isn't about pairing a piece of content with an image; it’s about determining the right way to represent the information to ensure that it is compelling and relevant for the right audience.


Storytelling Techniques:

1.Show, don’t tell: Don't tell your audience something if you can make them see it, be that through descriptive text or vivid images.

Gold's Gym: Lose to Win


 2.First Impressions Are Everything

The human brain is programmed to make quick impressions followed by fast decisions. Make the first impression one that sticks for all the best reasons. 12 Presentation Hooks Used By the Best TED Presenters

How to Hook at first

  • Make a provocative statement.
  • Shock the audience.
  • Quote an influential person.
  • Offer a surprise

3.Show People

People relate better to other people than inanimate objects or ideas. So don't tell the story of a business or a product, but the people behind it: you, your customers and your employees.

IKEA: Make your sleep count


4.Show conflict: Conflict is the force that drives a story. No conflict, no story. Conflict happens whenever someone wants or needs something and must fight for it. This ‘something’ can be a lot of things: an object, love, survival, etc.



5.The Hitchcock Rule: According to Hitchcock's rule, the size of any object in your frame should be proportional to its importance to the story at that moment. In other words, emphasize images that are pertinent to the story.



6.Use Heroes: In landing page design, marketers are always talking about “hero shots.” What hero conveys here is the human connection readers can relate to? Why should the reader care about your story? How can they see themselves in your heroes? Build a narrative around that emotional impact.


Source:Ads of the world

7.Use Effective Images: These are the vital of your visual story. Use images that complement the story well and help it to flow.

Greenpeace: Humanity, 1

8.Build an Arc: Remember that a story must have exactly that—a story arc. This means having a clear beginning, middle, and end. In other words, it must take us on a journey.



9.Teach the Audience: Stories have been designed to teach lessons since the earliest days of human history. Take a stance, carry a profound message or give a lesson. Make you audience think.


You Suck At PowerPoint! by @jessedee from Jesse Desjardins - @jessedee

10.End with your takeaway:Final message need to hit hard: It boosts the reader’s power to remember what you said.


How visual story telling emphases your brand & business.

Producing regular content has become a key factor in maintaining a successful brand. Whether you write blogs, run a Twitter page, chat to your customers on Facebook—or do all of the above—producing regular content is instrumental to keeping your brand current, engaging and memorable. But, since so many people produce content every day, how are you meant to cut through the noise and make your content stand out? The answer: Visual Story Telling.

Here are some visual stories telling ways we recommend for you.


1.Photography: Any moment can turn into a photo opportunity. Photos people share across social media platforms show what’s important to them and what they believe is share worthy.



2.Graphs and Drawings: For highly technical products, graphs and visualizations can be a better option. Many are visual learners and respond better to charts, graphs, and numbers. Easy-to-read visuals make messages more digestible and more sharable.




3.User-Generated Images:Collaborative storytelling can deepen relationships with consumers. Consider developing a user-generated image program.When consumers are part of the process, incredible images can come out of collaborative storytelling programs.

Holiday season content - Starbucks



4.Photo Collages: Multiple images and collages can sometimes tell stories better than one image alone. Multiple images offer a creative opportunity to highlight different attributes of a company, a product, or an event.

Heart Shaped Photoshop Collage Template Free



5.Images with Text Overlays: Captions, Quotes, and Stats

  • These images are a cost effective and easy way to enhance a traditional image.
  • They are also a great way to make sure captions aren’t overlooked.
  • Small amounts of text, one-liners, quotes,or stats, can greatly contribute to your visual story.

Jason Miller 650




6.Memes: Memes are ideas that spread from person to person, and they serve to spread cultural information. Memes can be jokes, phrases, concepts,images, videos, and pop culture that are extremely sharable.

Speak the right language

7.Cartoons: Cartoons are a powerful visual storytelling tool because they can be funny, artistic, and engaging all in one. Cartoons are known for being a funny and delightful way to visually spread stories.

Marketing Cartoon: Convert



8.GIFs: GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) bring multiple images and still frames from a video to life via animation. GIFs are a great example of visual storytelling because they tell bite-sized stories in only a

few seconds.

loop work GIF


 9.Infographics: Infographics are visual representations of information, bringing together the data and visuals to tell a story. A well-designed infographic can affect thought leadership, inform target audiences, and optimize search engine rankings.

Best B2B infographics


10.Videos: Videos help companies and brands reach consumers in a way that no other visual mediums can. Videos can tell a visual story that’s funny,inspiring, personal, heartwarming, and they also highlight a product, an idea, or a brand image.



Presentation is a great source of your visual story telling:

Social and online media have reinvented how we look at presentations. Presentations are no longer just for conferences, speeches, and business meetings. Presentations have become an art form, with highly visual layouts, content, and snappy bits of text.With creative titles and a defined flow of information, the slide-by-slide navigation of a presentation offers a dynamic visual storytelling opportunity—all without the need for a speaker. Presentations can be housed on company websites, blogs, or platforms like SlideShare/Speakerdeck that boast a massive following and facilitate easy sharing across popular social media platforms.

Some form of presentation as visual storytelling content:


1.Blog Entries:



 3.Case studies


4.White papers

Innovation for America from Obama White House


125 INSANELY Creative Infographics, Charts and Graphs from Mark Fidelman

6.New Product Launches

Our New LinkedIn App is Here! Making it Easier than Ever to Stay In Touch with the People and Information you Need to be Successful from LinkedIn

7.How-to lists 

How to Thrive: A Redefinition of Success from Arianna Huffington


Twitter Tips for Beginners from Buffer

9.Survey /Insight

Facebook Engagement Insights & Benchmarks (v01) from We Are Social Singapore


20 Inspiring Quotes from Elodie A.

How Slioto can help you:

Slioto offer extensive library of slides and templates which make it amazingly easy to create professional business and social media content with ease.



We develop a great library of pre-made, visually stunning and ready to use slides. Users can create their presentation by downloading the exact slides they need and have them ready in minutes by adding their content using PowerPoint.







3.Photo Templates





We offer visually stunning templates that engage with your audience.  Conferences, speeches, and business meetings our designed templates can be housed on company websites, blogs, or you can share across popular social media platforms.




How to download Slioto slides & Templates

How to Edit Slioto Slides and Templates


Now its time to design your story with Slioto!


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